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Walking With Christ

Walking With Christ - LWWM

Welcome to Living Wisdom Word Ministry,(London, Manchester, Milton Keynes), United Kingdom.

You are welcome to Living Wisdom Word Ministry. Water baptism is the first step after being admitted to the Church. Jesus commanded that new believers be plunged in water to symbolise our sharing in the benefits of his saving work. His death and resurrection are the permanent basis of Christian life. Therefore he also ordained that the church should meet to remember him by eating bread and drinking wine as symbols of his body and blood. 
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Our vision is to preach the good tidings of Christs to all and  to win 1million souls to the Kingdom of God, have bible College, know more of God's love, reach more and more people in the other nations through the Gospel of Christ, make more and more disciples, release more and more laborers, plant more and more churches and give more glory to God.


The mission statements of Living Wisdom Word Ministry is to glorify God and his son Jesus Christ, through proclamation of the gospel and making disciples of all nations, to worship God in truth and holiness and to make heaven. To this end we depend completely on the word of God and on the power of the Holy Spirit.  We are committed to:
  • Equipping ourselves and others to minister to the Lord
  • Love one another
  • Grow to maturity
  • Share Christ with the unsaved
  • Experience on going victory over the world, the flesh and the devil

The Aims / Objects of the Ministry

  1. To advance the Christian religion in accordance with tenets of the Church by propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ and proclaiming the Kingdom of God.
  2. To advance education with Christian principles.
  3. To relief poverty.
  4. For the Relief of those in need, by means of financial hardship, and other disadvantage.
  5. To advancement of community development & citizenship: by promotion of volunteering.
  6. The organisation undertakes preaching and pastoral works, missionaries and Church activities
  7. To advance Aid / to relief people famine, to support missionaries.

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We are a group of Christians who realize and understand the power of testimonies. The Bible is filled with testimonies and stories of great wonders. You name it the Bible discusses it all. But times have changed and now with the internet Christians can now share their stories with others.

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